Virtualization allows for multiple virtual servers (known as Virtual Machines) to run on a single physical server simultaneously. Our vendors provide virtualization services based on VMwares ESX Server platform, exclusively on a single-tenant model, where the ESX server is dedicated to a given client.

Windows and Red Hat Linux are both supported as ‘guest’ operating systems. Virtualization’s most obvious benefit is consolidation of servers, but its less obvious benefits are what make it a truly revolutionary technology for the datacenter: by abstracting the server from the hardware it runs on, Virtual Machines (VMs) become truly portable, allowing them to move from physical server to physical server without reconfiguration, which facilitates rapid provisioning and recovery.

Our multicore-capable servers are ideal platforms form VMware installations, offering as many as 16 processor cores per server, and up to 256GB of memory. We recommend deploying ESX servers in pairs for redundancy and failover capability, and can assist in the migration of existing servers to a virtualized environment.

Using shared storage, VMware allows for live failover of virtual machines from ESX server to ESX server. This capability allows almost any application to be redeployed in a true high-availability configuration. Since VMware services are billed for on a per-VM basis, not per-ESX server basis, clients are able to yield the benefits of virtualization with a high degree of cost-efficiency.




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