We provide Managed Database Services for a flat monthly fee for Oracle, Microsoft, and MySQL database platforms. The database is the center of today's dynamic Internet applications, and while other systems can usually be restored from a prior backup, the database requires much more stringent care.

For a revenue-generating Internet application, restoring from last night’s backup usually means losing a day’s worth of business, which is completely unacceptable. We focus on minimizing downtime in the event of failure, as well as ensuring that no transactions are lost in the process of recovery.

We fulfill the role of the Systems Database Administrator, installing database applications and configuring relevant parameters, configuring and attaching filesystems, and setting up both clustering and replication, and database backups. On an ongoing basis, out partner assumes responsibility for database health monitoring and effecting failover for both clusters and replicas. Our database specialists work in partnership with either in-house technical resources or one of our Partners for tablespace maintenance, warehousing, and optimization. Global Colo Quote will also assist in the strategic planning and database migration for ‘no transactions lost’ cut-overs from existing environments for new clients, including migrating to new versions of a database platform.

In the event of database failure or catastrophic event, we step in on a 24x7 basis to recover data, initiate a manual fail-over, ensure that dynamic failover has executed properly, or monitor the cluster for capacity, adding nodes as necessary. Thereafter, upon restoration and configuration of the master, we will initiate failback and restoration of cluster and/or replica functionality.

Access to expertise is a key benefit of our managed database services. Our vendor-certified Oracle Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Database Administrators, and MySQL Professionals have vast experience with the full range of configuration options and are actively involved in the pre-sales process. They can provide insight on initial configuration, ongoing maintenance and operations, including advice that falls well beyond the scope of our services. Our engineers truly become an extension of your internal operations.




Put your servers in one of our datacenters. Global Colo Quote provides you with state-of-the-art Co-location facilities to support your growing online business. Outsourcing your colocation needs to GCQ lets you enjoy exceptional cost-savings and unparalleled reliability for greater peace-of-mind. [more...]


Global Colo Quote takes the complexity out of running your online business, so that you can focus on your core business. Our Managed Hosting Quote experts take care of your IT infrastructure requirements to ensure your mission-critical sites are running online all of the time. Our vendors can handle many of your day-to-day system maintenance tasks. [more...]


Global Colo Quote offers high performance IP Transit designed for Enterprise applications requiring the highest level of performance and resiliency. Available speeds are 100Mbps up to 10Gbps and commitment levels start at 1Mbps. We offer DoS protection for organizations that are prone to medium to large scale attacks [more...]