Immediate protection, for any server, anywhere, period.

In addition to our IP Transit Services, we offer DDoS protection for companies that are prone to medium to large scale attacks through one of our DDoS Mitigation Service. This mode of protection is a popular choice for websites hosted in areas where we do not have direct connect available and or require immediate relief from an attack.  Immediate relief is possible, as the customer need only make a DNS change for it to work. We give you an IP address that you point the domain to, that requires protection. Once this is done, all traffic will first flow to us where it is filtered and only the legitimate requests are passed on to the origin server. All other traffic is dropped. This is effective for most if not all types of malicious traffic. In most cases the website rendered unavailable, do to an attack will be fully functional in a matter of minutes. In addition to the protection, all customer data on port 80 and 443 is cached on our servers which further eliminates stress on the origin server and enhances your customers’ experience. If you are under attack NOW please contact us at 917-710-5226, woody@globalcoloquote.com, or complete the form below and take these steps to getting things back under your control.


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    Global Colo Quote offers high performance IP Transit designed for Enterprise applications requiring the highest level of performance and resiliency. Available speeds are 100Mbps up to 10Gbps and commitment levels start at 1Mbps. We offer DoS protection for organizations that are prone to medium to large scale attacks [more...]