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10 Great Hosting Questions for IT Staff

If you can get answers from your IT Staff to these 13 questions, you will save yourself a lot of time and maybe a few dollars. The questions are:

  • Does your company have the IT staff / resources to remotely administer a server or managed hosting environment?
  • What would this system we are discussing be used for? What is the application?
  • What type of system architecture do you have in mind (web/app/db server; load balancing; private network)?
  • What are your security requirements?
  • What is the peak number of concurrent sessions that you anticipate for this system?
  • What are your anticipated peak throughput requirements?
  • What is the anticipated monthly transfer usage?
  • What applications will you install on each server?
  • What operating system would you need on each server?
  • What are your requirements for CPU, RAM & HD (capacity & RAID configuration) for each server?
  • Do you require backups on each server? Daily or Weekly?
  • What is your timeline for implementing and moving forward?
  • What is your budget for this project?


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